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Bali Wedding Band

Hire the most soulful and professional Bali Wedding Band for all your event…

Whatever maybe the event – wedding, reception, party or a function; no can deny that music is an essential part of it. You deserve the most professional, experienced and cheerful live music band to make your event unforgettable. Thus if you are looking for a music band to entertain and enliven your spirits at weddings and parties then you are at the right destination. BALI WEDDING BAND promises to make your events memorable and entertaining.

We provide the best entertainment for your party. We simply give the best musical experience to every party that we cater for. I am Marlyn Rahayu, popularly known as Marlyn. I am a professional singer and entertainer based in Bali. I and my band are popularly known as the BALI WEDDING BAND. Our love and passion for music and entertainment allow us to offer an exclusive touch of music to meet the requirements of your event. I had a professional training in music which helped me to become a better singer and entertainer. I have a big voice with strong character that gave me possibilities to sing nearly every genre of music in every style.

As you will see that Jazz is a timeless music that you can choose for any event, especially for weddings and receptions. It is sweet, simple, elegant and yet so entertaining. More interestingly you can always pick your favorite tunes and turn it into a Jazz number in a classic or modern style. Thus if you are looking for a BALI JAZZ BAND for weddings and other events, then we must be your ultimate choice.

If you visit my repertoire page, you will realize my love for all kinds of music. Not only classic or modern jazz; I always try to sing each and every song with a strong feeling, character of voice and performance. Our passion and attitude sets us apart from the other BALI JAZZ BANDS. I am a perfectionist when it comes to singing performance. With the experience of the past events I can assure of one thing; our service is guaranteed to be delivered to your satisfaction.

I believe in the fact that the more I give the more energy I get. This exchange of feelings for me truly is the best experience. Indeed BALI WEDDING BAND is your best choice to make your event unforgettable. Hence never hesitate to call the best most professional BALI COVER BAND to enliven and entertain you on all occasions.